Monday, February 23, 2009


March is coming quickly. I'm not sure how we have gotten this far out from that day. It seems like the year has just been a whirlwind and then again like time stands still. I could use prayer over a few things. Please know that from the beginning of this journey there was not one thing that someone could say to us to make us feel an ounce better except for that they were praying for us. 
So here goes: One, that we are able to find joy even though these coming weeks are full of memories of our last days with Brinley. Two, that I am able to think of something to do that honors her memory... even if it is something small. Three, that as the day approaches I am able to plan a sweet time to enjoy my family as they are now, not as I wish we could have been. Also that as I prepare my heart that I don't try to fill myself with a false sense of control. Four, one unspoken concern for the driver who hit Brinley. He has been heavy on my heart these last few weeks.
I'm not sure what March will look like until it is here. So whether or not I'm in a state of denial I just try to focus on today.