Monday, June 16, 2008

Day Interrupted

We are moving. I am supposed to pack, take care of the kids, clean house. I'm not sure how to keep up because I'm not sure of where I should even begin. Daily tasks just seems so daunting. I put a load in the wash this morning and everything stood still when I saw an item of her clothing on top of the washing machine. I was going to have a baby the weekend after she died so like a good housewife I cleaned and washed everything. I did every piece of laundry the day before she died. I have nothing that smells like her. I just want to have one item that feels like her or smells like her. Her clothes are still in her drawers and hanging in the closet. Her last Christmas dress. Her "special panties" that we still wore in case of a nap time accident.
Most of her things are still right as they should be... but she isn't. And I'm supposed to pack them away.

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