Thursday, January 29, 2009

He Gives and Takes Away- But He Gives!

Payton Corinne- 2 years
Brinley Yvonne- 2 years
My girls adore the older girls at church. It is no wonder since Eric and I used to help with the Jr. High group at church and we spent so much time with them. Haley once proclaimed that when she grows up she wants to be a Jr. High girl. She is five and wishes that she had a cell phone of her own, a facebook page, and wonders aloud if she will have braces one day. It is no surprise to me that we have pictures of my girls emulating some of their favorite Jr. High girls, Abby and Olivia, by snagging their glasses and posing. What did catch me off gaurd was the way that they look next to one another. The first is of my girl Corinne and the second is her sister Brinley. Oh how I have cried over that picture of my girl. It takes me back to such a carefree and happy time. I wanted it all back... the mousy little voice that carried through our house, the friendship that only sisters can provide one another with, one more little head of blonde hair to style before church... I miss it all.
What I see in these two little pictures are both great sorrow and great joy enmeshed. I prayed for many many months that God would give that boisterous two year old back to our family. And through my sadness I can see that this prayer will never be answered to my liking in this lifetime. Yet God does answer prayers. We do not have a two year old Brinley back in our arms, but we do have a lively two year old Corinne whose mannerisms and mousy voice so closely resemble her older sister. She will never replace Brinley but somehow she is taking us back to that place where we are carefree and happy once again.


Annabelle said...

Oh wow, there is such a resemblance...I get caught off guard with my own boys, I can't imagine how it makes you feel! Remember if there's anything you need...prayer, to talk, whatever, let me know!

Alexis said...

What darling children you have, and what a precious gift from God your sweet Brinley was. How neat that Corinne reminds you so much of her!

Susie (So Blessed) said...

I'm praying for you and your family...

The Morris Family said...

Pictures....they sure have a way to take us back to the "good ole days" and the same time there is such sorrow. The girls look soooo much alike!!! We just have to keep trudging through, some days its with a heavy step other days it feels like I can skip again, but that pace is more rare!
a mommy like is missing!!