Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

This Week-
I did not catch my 8 month old boy making his way toward the dog food and stealthily putting a few pieces in his mouth...
Even worse than that I did not about lose it when I walked into the front room to find said 8 month old sitting next to some puppy poo, of which I was completely unaware of under the dining room table. I will leave the rest up to your imagination!
I did not drive around aimlessly in the car after putting my 5 year old on the bus because it was too cold and I was too lazy to get the two younger ones out of the car and into their respective beds... it was nap time anyway!
I'm sure I'll add more as I think of them. Or maybe I'll just save them for next week. I don't want to risk getting some sort of trophy for "world's worst mother."


The Morris Family said...

I know for me tings just do not look so bad or things do not bother me as much now....when you have a treasure in heaven your whole perspective changes, but so thankful that HE never changes!!!

Keyona said...

Seems like the puppy and baby are going to be best buds! :o)

Megan said...

Hi, my name is Megan and your story is powerful. I have a 3, and 6 year old, and also a baby boy, Macsen, that now lives with King Jesus too. I want to read more about you, but right now would just like to ask if i may add you to my blog. I have a ministry that God birthed when my son went Home, and would be honored to share you with those that follow my story.

Please check me out, then email me with a link to your site if you are interested.

How blessed we are to be walking this with the Maker of the Universe. Remembering our little ones are perfect and without pain is what makes this pain worth going through. bfn ~Megan

Rachel said...

Brinley's Mommy,
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I "jogged" over to see yours and was so sad to read Brinley's story. I plan on catching up on the in between when I get a chance, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm so sorry you're missing Brinley and that her death was so tragic. This journey we're on is like no other and I'm thankful to have others like you who understand what "non-grievers" do not!

Megan said...

hey lady....your on the blog. saw that you added my button, thank you. i was told, that if when you add it, you can right click it and move the mouse to make fit to size? it looks great without doing it too, but incase you wondered! thank you.

chat with you son!

Amanda in RI said...

I hope that you had a blessed & peaceful Christmas. (((hugs)))